how to fish hookup baits

for use with the smallest of jigs, or use a couple on larger. Tip the bottom treble with meat, usually a minnow head, half minnow or perch eye for added attraction, scent local sex Costa Mesa and taste. . Smaller jigging Rapala's work wonders for enticing aggressive yellow perch. After deliberating with Captain Taro, weighing the pros and cons, we chose to go to the Coronado Island in preference to offshore tuna fishing, hoping to make sure everyone got fish. M, the Swedish Pimple is an old favorite and is a very versatile bait that can catch a variety of fish species. Many of the jigging spoons come with average hooks which rust and dull quite easily. I really believe you can use this bait for any fish and any style in which you like to fish, whether it be in a river or a lake. The white tube in a 2 - 3" size has been a productive "go to" bait for many lake trout anglers. For whitefish, these baits are best fished on bottom.

Whitefish anglers also utilize smaller 1" sizes tied on a 6-10" fluorocarbon leader beneath a spoon for added strikes. These baits are terrific for use in saltwater with unmatched action and durability. Little Atom Nuggies are impregnated with the C-9 special scent attractant. Crafted by a local tackle shop owner in Barrie, the Badd boy was produced to mimic a small bait fish grazing on bottom most legit hookup site and are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. . The hollow design of a tube jig allows anglers to stuff the bodies with scent or cut bait. This tear resistant material is buoyant and soft with more action than traditional soft plastic lures. Badd Boyz - Magz Mfg. It seemed that in no time we had a quadruple hook up on Bonito, which happened nearly every time we moved the boat.

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