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anyone who needs to install a brake controller. They did they same educated adult dating nude webcam site thing with a nut to ground the ground wire to the neg side of the battery. AGM batteries also dont require water, as their electrolyte is soaked into fiberglass matting which is wrapped around their lead plates. Regardless of the problems, all of the parts were of high quality and the final installation looks good. Highly recommend the product and the customer service. Shimming the brake controller bracket allows it to fit nicely there (2007 Tacoma). I spoke to the sales rep Tamra regarding this and she directed me to a video showing the installation on a Ford Van. One's in the store are thicker and at's up to you.

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82058 - etbc7 by: Al A First, the staff experts helped me determine if my 2015 can had a brake controller. I also bought some adult dating in Burbank extra convoluted tubing for under the hood, and some expandable braid sleeving for under the dash, and added a connector near the kick panel for connecting to the brake controller. Installing the 4-pole flat connector kit was easy. Level of difficulty was moderate. When the job was done everything tested perfect at the connector and It took me about.5 hours since I like things to look pretty everywhere. Perhaps this is best as it dose reduce weight ( a bit) and no corrosion is suppose. The second, and most popular, ground is achieved through the bolts of the taillight lamp assembly. Following the instructions, I hooked up the rest of the wiring to the controller harness, battery, and circuit breakers. But I didn't like to drill "unnecessary" holes into my frame, I just used a ziptie to attach the ground wire to the frame, so grounding wasn't good. Cable routing: You could go under the vehicle or event easier, remove the frond and back doorsills (clipped in) and you find a very easy to route trough cable through.