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not to put their penis in as deep. Balcony (950 ball Licking (4,522 ballbusting (734 ballerina (388). But rarely, some penises wont fit comfortably into some vaginas. Most vaginas are between 3 and 7 inches long. If a penis goes very deep in your vagina and hits your cervix or other areas, it can feel uncomfortable or painful. Nobody should have sex that feels uncomfortable or painful. Pregnancy can also happen if cum gets on or near your vulva (your outside genitals or if fingers that have wet cum on them touch your vulva or vagina.

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What happens the first time you have sex?
Everyones first time is different.

If you have pain in your penis or genitals during sex, it could be a sign that somethings wrong. If pain and bleeding doesnt get better after the first time you have vaginal sex (penis-in-vagina you can slowly stretch your hymen tissue with your fingers over time to make it less painful. The first time you have vaginal sex, it may hurt, or feel good, or both. For people with a penis, penis-in-vagina sex isnt usually painful. Claim your 7 day free access. It may also help to wait until youre fully turned-on before putting anything in your vagina. Ass To Mouth (3,510 ass Worship (8,188 asshole Fetish (818). The skin on your anus and rectum is delicate, and it doesnt make its own lubrication the way vaginas. It's possible, but its not very common.

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