xbox 360 cable hookup

the xbox. Then you go to connections, Xbox Live connection, and it has a few options to find a network and you should be able to connect. Put the usb cable into the USB port at the back of the xbox 360 i have a hitachi tv, model number32fx48b and cant seem to get myxbox 360 to connect. (Right Bumper/Left Bumper) you'll need transcode 360 ( tml ) and windows media center, which depending on how old your computer is, you should have. Make sure you back it up elsewhere first. I recommend getting it from eBay for around.00 but BestBuy or GameStop have it for about.00 Slacker286-Take one end of of an ethernet cable, and plug it into you xbox 360, then plug the other end into your computer. I got the instructions off eBay and you have to go to your computer connection and share it with the xbox and I cant remember how to. I have run my xbox 360 online through my computer once before and since have got a new computer and I cant remember how to.

You can olnly do it if it is wirless and you plusg your PC 2 your xbox with the web cable and go to network places and click your one and go to sheard go on ther is loads of it ther. Also xbox 360 will only play.avi files with relatively new codec so if you are looking to play.mkv.mp4 than i would suggest buying an Asus O!Play. Windows should contain the proper drivers to use.

I have a wireless thing hooked up to the back of my xbox360 that you can buy for about 100. If it doesn't work there may be something wrong with your xbox, ethernet cable, or computer. Type in the address bar and it will ask you for a pass word and username. PC controller-no has to be xbox 360 compatible. Hook the hdmi cable up to your xbox 360 and the hdtv. Then you can do media share. If it does not work please look over the steps. What u need is to buy a VGA cable (microsoft) at best buy and hook. Hook up your new cord to ethernet and put in all information needed to the profile questions. Get your Audio out Cables coming out of the Xbox360 and plug them into your AV-in on your stereo instead of the AV-in on the. There is two USB slots on the front of the xbox 360 behind the flap plug the usb wired controller into there.

1 Piece of HD Component AV Cable for Xbox.
Not compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Stereo component high definition A/V audio video cables for the xbox System.

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