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of having sexual intercourses. Serious sanctions are made to prevent premarital sex. Data collectors were given three day training on the questionnaires and interviewing techniques. This will create a gap of time or discrepancy of simultaneous climax or dissatisfaction for the wife. Sexually transmitted disease has effects that can be passed to the baby who will be born. Blood is oxygenated in the heart and is pumped to the brain this process is known as oxygenation of the brain. Introduction, sub Saharan Africa (SSA) is the most affected continent by sex ads in Portland acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) with nearly.5 million people living with aids out of the global.3 million people. Unaids (2005) Global report on Prevention and treatment of HIV/aids in resource limited settings, Geneva. Women whose intimate premarital relationships are limited to their husbandseither premarital sex alone or premarital cohabitationdo not experience an increased risk of divorce. However is comparable with a base line survey conducted by Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia in Harar town revealed that.1 of females got married for the first time before the age of 15 years and.4 of them got married at the age. Romance is the ultimate cause of premarital sex.

This has been a crisis that the government has tried to solve years after years.(Stevenson,.d.).4.3 Bad Reputation, usually if adolescents commit premarital sex, this secret would be confined between the couple themselves. Surprisingly, among women who born in the 1940, approximately nine in 10 had premarital sex. Sexually transmitted diseases which are ubiquitously known as STDs are easily transmitted with the absence of proper sexual knowledge.

Thesis on Pre - Marital, sex (PDF) Adolescents Attitude Towards, premarital Sex, research Papers - Academia Sexual, practices, Consequences and Associated Factors among Study, oN, premarital, sEX - Studypool

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Chance to use new types of editing to change the sound of their music. From the total respondents who had history of abortion about five respondents 5 (33.3) went to traditional healers for abortion. Materials and Methods, study setting, the study was conducted in Ambo University, Ambo town, the capital city of West Shoa zone of Oromia regional state, which is located 125 km from the capital city Addis Ababa. Using the statistics from the 1982, 1988, 19, National Survey of Family Growth had asked nearly 40,000 people age ranges from 15-44 about their sexual behaviour and traced the vogue in premarital sex back to the 1950. In the United Kingdom (Unicef, 2001). In the case of females it fills the females organ and the breast. However it was comparable with a report from Malawi (26 Bahir Dar (24) and Jimma University (23.1 and 6, 22,.

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