hp tuners wideband hookup

tuners unit plugs into. Located: (PID List/Engine/Emissions/EGR Position (V) - A/C Pressure, if you are using the A/C Pressure switch. For EGR it is (PID.2811/.5)10 If you are using the A/C Pressure switch, use the formula: (PID.7101/.5)10 Thats it, just click the Up Arrow to commit changes, then click the X at the top right to close the box and click the Save icon. AEMs default obdii CAN address will work with most popular vehicles and adjustments should not be necessary. Exchanges (if applicable) We only replace items if they are defective or damaged.

Hp tuners wideband hookup
hp tuners wideband hookup

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AEM, the bare bones of what you need to get started tuning with HP Tuners. . Located: (PID List/System/AC/AC Pressure (V) - AFR - AFR Error - AFR Commanded Last edited by 'vette phase; at 12:37. VCM Suite, and you have one of the most powerful, scanning, diagnostic, logging and calibration products on the market. Now, you can change the information in your VE and MAF Histograms to use the custom PIDs that you just made. Connect the Wideband 02 wire with the 0-5v output to the EGR wire at Pin 55(or 9). Display Lambda values from.55.00. AEMs X-Series obdii Wideband uego AFR Sensor Controller Gauge (PN 30-0334) provides tuners who are using piggyback tuning modules or open source software with the ability to view AFR through the factory CAN-bus stream that is output by the factory ECU. When it comes to tuning an engine, your combustion chamber is nothing more than an empty cylinder without introducing air, fuel and spark (and compression of course). Pin 9 on the Blue connector). Insert, this will open the Insert PIDs display Here you will see PID List, AUX Input List and User Defined. Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

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