22 awg hookup wire

Audio's AirLok dielectric- a proprietary form of foamed/cellular Fluoropolymer insulation with a dieletric constant (D.C.) of less than.5. Lastly, a clear FEP jacket encapsulates the shielded pair bundle to keep relative movements of the conductors to a minimum. Next, VH Audio's prorietary AirLok dielectric is applied as the core, in order to achieve the correct, precise impedance of 75 ohms. Fasteners starter motors PVC, TFE, etfe, FEP, XL-plastics (cross linked epdm, polyethylene, neoprene, hypalon, rubber, silicone, polyurethane, Nylon, Kynar, Tefzel, glass switchboard wires AND cables festoon cable tape field wire telegraph KEY WD-1/TT D-10 D10 WD-1A/TT WD-36/TT WF-16 telephone cable GAS masks, NBC-rated (nuclear, biological. Discounts are applied as follows: 15 off the per meter price at 2 meters, another 10 off at 10 meters, and yet another 7 off at 30 meters.

BWG.010000.997128.25.009843.872024.5 AWG.009500.24130. The Pulsar Cu II is identical to the Pulsar Ag (below but uses a solid 24 AWG UniCrystal OCC copper center conductor. Description: Vinyl Computer and Business Machine Wire -.009" Wall, 300 Volts. VW-1, conductors: Solid, Bare Stranded, Tinned Stranded, Heavy Tinned Stranded, Topcoat, Prebond, Overcoat 3/64" Wall, atlas Part Number. Is.36" Bulk price discounts on this cable are applied when you add to the cart. AWG.000438.191926.5 AWG.000413.01050.

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