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all middle class, all white, from the suburbs did. Still more to do, yet I cannot share the view, expressed by some I spoke to, that physical segregation is nothing to worry about. It's much nicer than where I used to live.". Each is nestled amid rolling green moors. Time and again I heard the complaint that the media come in and stir things up in order to tell a simplistic story of segregation and inter-racial animosity. In the following months, the flames reached Bradford and Burnley, two other northern English towns with sizeable Muslim populations. But just four years later my home city was in the headlines in a way I never expected. Academics have begun to question the findings of those initial reports on the riots.

I also walked in large areas of Burnley and Oldham that predominantly were host to Asian families. Clive Royales, 48, (pictured) allegedly had a two-year relationship with a 12-year-old girl. I heard this elsewhere. "I left school and started working as a 16-year-old in an ice-cream factory he said. Samad found that geographical segregation was a consequence of "white flight" rather than separatist Asian attitudes. He was nervous and told her that if he got caught he would be in a lot of trouble.

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But they also shocked Britain. The television news bulletins showed lines of armoured police battling ranks of Asian youths. The post-riots reports also underplayed the importance of "white flight" as a cause of ethnic segregation. "If their children are successful in that, are they going to stay living in Glodwick?" Get the economics right, according to Francis, and the segregation should naturally erode. Please pure hookup app 4 awesome ppl enter a valid password, forgotten your password?

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