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The two originally agreed to meet at a bar along North MoPac Expressway near West Parmer Lane but while she was en route, Black called and told her to meet him on Waters Park Drive underneath the Parmer overpass. Friday 3:00 PM - 7:00. (kxan Photo) m/kxannews/videos/ continue Reading. The suspect then told the victim to remove his condom, but when she said women looking for sex in sa "no" he held the knife to her throat. The victim told police that around 11:30 .m. Even if you don't want to go hardcore and seek a publisher, it would be nice to have a comic sample to put into our portfolios. Racism Or Bigotry. She said she started to scream and fight back but he elbowed her, which caused her left femur bone to break, according to the affidavit.