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be installed prior to September 1st. Note: If you notice a dumpster lid open, please close other preventive measure to keep pests out. Some residents have received 1,000 fines. . Social Committee, jeff Midkiff discussed the many projects that the Social Committee is working on including prizes for Halloween and Christmas decorations of homes in both SH and. . Please email me at if you would like to be on that committee.

So it looks like garbage will be picked up Wednesday and Saturday with recycling done on Thursday.   Pool Rules and Clubhouse rules have been updated. . When there was a problem we took care of it quickly. This is a large project. . This was awarded to Terry's Trees for a price of 4,200. . If you want to volunteer email me at New Property Manager Hours Tuesday 8:30 - 12:30 Thursday 12:00 - 4:00 Friday 12:30 - 4:30 What a great Breakfast we had today.

The Social committee also reminded us that this Sunday 2-3 PM Kona Ice will be parked in front of the dryer power cable hookup clubhouse. . New fertilizing company Twin Palms has started to fertilize both the Common area and. We now know where the 11 year old person is living that drives his motorbike around Sabal Harbour in and out of traffic around the property. . At the same time I have signed paperwork for Hughes to spray at least six or seven buildings that have had the worst problems with the flies. . His sister yelled out to him get out of the pool. Bill Leggett, George Martin and I will be meeting with FPL to discuss the upcoming 45th Street widening project and the trees that will be taken down in front of both the Sabal Harbour walls and the Sabal Key walls. Trim the Preserve in the common area (200 feet) as the peppers are starting to push against the Common area fence. . Again 44th Ave to 37th street will be the best way out. I have driven around the neighborhood and please do not believe that they will pick up large piles of landscape waste Read carefully especially the attached chart Don't forget that we will have a Board Meeting on Monday. If you wish you can drop food items at my home (4612 Egmont.) and I will make sure that your donations get to the Donation tubs.