car hookup for ipod

wireless transmitter- these devices usually attach to your iPod, and require you to tune your radio to a designated FM frequency. While this is certainly the quickest and easiest fix, wireless transmitting has its drawbacks. In this guide, we will show you how to connect your iPhone to your car for sound, which could be music, turn-by-turn navigation, or a phone call. Community Q A, search. Most aftermarket stereos today have either an attached dock connector, or a dock connector available. Aftermarket stereos, a quick search at, crutchfield for in-dash receivers with Bluetooth and iPod compatibility shows units starting at 100. Now playing: Watch this: iPhone your car 3:22, in the past, we told you how to "iPod your car which meant adding some sort of adapter to play music from an iPod through a car's speakers. They generally run about 15 dollars, and it's an easy way to listen to your iPod in your car. Second, FM radio transmissions do not usually exceed 96 Kbps, which means that any high-quality audio files (128 Kbps MP3 or higher, AAC, flac, MP4, etc.) are down-converted before being transmitted to the radio.

Car hookup for ipod
car hookup for ipod

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They also have USB ports, either on the front or the rear or both. 9, precautions- If looking for sex in Spokane its RCA then the RCA to 1/8th inch jack should be fine, get an extension for the 1/8th inch if you need it but don't go splicing wires! Tech Car Buying Guide. Once you've done this, drill your hole. 4, also, there is always some interference or static when transmitting and there are times you can't find an open frequency, especially if there's a powerful radio transmitter nearby. You will need to see if an adapter is available for your particular make and model of vehicle.

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