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repeated trauma injuries, mental injuries. Normally the jobs are for businesses and take longer than a day. No Film School spoke to Ohlmann about how he approaches his work, philosophically and physically. Thats why we do what. NFS: Does your responsibility to your subjects change when they are involved in illegal activity? A workers' compensation attorney in your area should be able to explain to you the application process and the benefits to which you are entitled.

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Fearless journalism in your inbox every day. Federal government employees, those who worked on nuclear weapons, maritime workers, and coal miners would be covered under one of several federal workers' compensation programs. For all its stupidity, social media is brilliant in this category. You can contact grafters directly, review profiles and applications and select the best people for your job. Ohlmann: This is a personal mission of mine, actually. Of course, you try to make honest work, tell illuminating stories, and do right by your subjects. No Film School: What is your first step in finding and gaining access to your subjects? Frequently Asked Questions, how do I find workers with Grafter? (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) (AP). Can employers keep your tips, can my employer keep my tips? Ohlmann: I plan just enough to be able to improvise.

They know better than most how the city moves. I spent a year working with classified material at the UNs tribunal for the Rwandan Genocide and I saw the horror that can happen when informants and witnesses are not protected. Work gigs on your schedule.