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Noun an item on a "to do" list. Understanding how to pick up women on these types of dating sites. Boosted1g said: VincentP said: I'm guessing the input that you are looking at on the 2nd TV is an RF input deigned for an aerial. The term "SD TV" has been thrown around a bit on this post, but we are not talking about a standard definition digital output, going back to RF means ntsc. A derogatory and sarcastic term for someone hookup hotshot taylor sands who failed in a task. Google's censorship is nothing new: they've been censoring this site for nearly 7 years. I mean reeeaalllyy lazy? Last edited on Dec 08 2011. Boosted1g a b x TV September 3, 2014 7:51:17 PM I get that the Kitchen TV will be low quality no matter what, but that would be a horrible waste to not only hook up RCA to a hdtv but to also pay good money.

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hookup id meaning

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