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73, -Lou KJ3LR, received my new GN206S Bug 2 days ago and I am very impressed at the great quality and "feel". I was not able to find the actual replacement part (part number FR7.684.362 or ST but found one that worked fine. . Reinstall the AC power cable strain relief if present. The instructions leave looking for sex in Omaha a bit to be desired - but I understand why that is probably the case. Keep on the good work. In the hicap Naim use a twin winding, centertapped toroid giving around 37Vdc at the reservoir caps which works out at around 27/28VAC. 73 David Murrell G0KQY - GHD GT501M I am not easily impressed. If you have a starter that turns very slowly and is drawing a lot of current, I would recommend checking this bushing. .

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Generally physically large size caps are considered to sound better, probably because they generally have these low values. Just to confirm receipt of the key, all in perfect condition. I don't think I could find a better key anywhere! The picture on your web site simply does not do it justice (no picture ever could). This has an IEC-style power input receptacle with a built-in 5x20mm fuse. This web page, this web site, the information presented in and on its pages and in these modifications and conversions is Copyrighted 1995 and (date of last update) how to find local sex offenders near me by Kevin Custer W3KKC and multiple originating authors. whaoy to send with. I'm 46 and figure that it'll be sold in good working order at my estate sale someday! I encourage anyone looking for the best straight key on the market, look no further.