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we recommend the Bosch 300 Series WAT28400UC. Depending on location and the extent and type of work being done, this can be free or cost 25-150 or more. A: If you're in a rush and don't want to fuss with liquid, we recommend Gain Flings! Advertisement - Continue Reading Below This washing machine is absolutely stunning, and it comes in a sharp black stainless steel finish or a white color. Samsung, with this washer, you get just seven basic cycles. Read More: Overhauling Your Laundry Room? A: Even though front-load washing machines are more energy-efficient and use less water, a lot of buyers prefer older agitator-style washing machines. Often a professional plumber or electrician will obtain any required permits as part of the project.

There's no built-in steamer for killing bacteria, so it isn't ideal for washing cloth diapers, either. For larger projects, search for local contractors through the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association 2 or the National Electrical Contractors Association. Best of all, this washer has an attractive price sometimes it costs less than 600 when it goes on sale. Features like its anti-vibration circular side walls and EcoSilence Motor ensure that it keeps quiet as to not disturb you or your downstairs neighbors. We were glad to see an additional hot-water cycle for allergy-prone users who need their washer to kill germs and dust mites. A: Home Depot offers financing options and free standard delivery on appliance purchases of 396 or more, which includes basic hook-up service. If possible, get a written agreement that outlines the work to be done and the materials to be used. The mini washer isn't that water-efficient and it doesn't clean as effectively, making it ideal for quickly washing delicates or lightly soiled clothes. Q: What size washer do you need to wash a king-size comforter? It even uses steam to help lift dirt out of your clothing and linen. Instead, you'll need to fill it up with a bucket or pot (it takes 6 gallons of water). This includes everything from uncrating to setup, leveling, and connecting the dryers.

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