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we enjoy an 85 of returning angler guests who fish with us but it's always a great thrill when first-time Atlantic Salmon anglers have good luck. Looking to become a cam model? Even with good water height in these pools, rain is needed to cool the water down and bring more of those big August Salmon that tend to hold up in the lower stretches of the river. Bookie and a. Thanks to all who visited with us this spring and we hope your visit was a memorable one. At Country Haven we are happy to have a number of these great older guests. May 1st Glen Johnson, Dillon Colorado Graham Macdonald, Newmarket Ont.

We have been disappointed during July in some past years when we had a a river full of fish, but poor conditions turned them off so we are hoping for the best this season. This is the 2nd time this season when these areas have been closed then reopened. Here is a photo of a 34 Lb salmon landed in Upper Blackville Wednesday by Tim Vickers and this fish has a story! We are often asked how the fish counter systems actually work. With two weeks remaining until the end of the season, beautiful fall foliage and pools filling up with big fall Salmon - it is looking very good for October fishing.

April 23d Young Brothers Graham Scott MacDonald from New Market Ontario first Atlantic Salmon fishing trip Spring jumper Reggie Pratt, Minot Maine Bernard Pelech, Portsmouth NH April 4th With a very cold March, the Ice conditions were not looking great for opening day however, with. You have to be feeling pretty good about the number of fish we saw in the tail of the pool tonight, he said. Undertakers, Bear Hair, Green and White, Peach and Bombers. It seems like each year it's a different fly that's most productive to start the season and this year it was our very own Country Haven Cardinal that was producing the best. So far so good, but it is less than the 4 to 2012. NW Miramichi 4,171 Salmon 11,981 Grilse 16,152 Total Salmon and Grilse SW Miramichi 11,490 Salmon 13,980 Grilse 25,470 Total Salmon and Grilse Total Miramichi System 15,661 Salmon 26,961 Grilse 41,622 Total Salmon and Grilse year 2015 River Reports Summer 2015 October 17th Stephen Tonning, Fredericton. I can tell the difference on the guides' faces when returning from the river whether they have had success or not. So much depends on conditions but if they are decent then there should be a good splash of fresh fish entering the system at that time.

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