rv trailer electrical hookup

more gas you will burn. Shore Cord The external electrical cord that connects the vehicle to a campground electrical hookup. Heat Exchanger A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one source to another. Garden Tub Angled tub with wide edges around corners for bathroom items. Chassis Battery Battery in a motor home for operating 12 volt components of the drivetrain.

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Inside air is blown over the local sex Cleveland surface of the exchanger, where it is warmed and the blown through the ducting system for room heating. Hitch The fastening unit that joins a movable vehicle to the vehicle that pulls. Dump Station Place where holding tanks can be emptied either by paying a small fee or free. Pilots can be used in furnaces, water heaters, refrigerators, ovens and stove tops. Gear Vendor Brand name for an auxiliary transmission designed to give the driver control of the vehicle's gear ratio and being able to split gears for peak performance and at the same time have an overdrive. Delamination When a fiberglass panel starts peeling off the RV, usually because of water damage.

How to Repair a Camper Travel

rv trailer electrical hookup

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