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you for the efforts you have made to help me to succesfully complete the building of the amp, I couldn't have asked for more. Enquire if you prefer a different cap or Audio Note Copper caps Kit1-10th Anniversary Limited Edition C-Core As the Kit1-10 C-Core Edition has just been released, these testimonials refer to the Kit1 or Kit1-8. Functions: Allows to copy form tape 1 to tape 2 - selectable throuhg the front panel switch; Input source selector knob: Phono1, Phono 2, Tuner AUX Tape Monitor and copy / dubbing selectors for both tape inputs. Related product: Kit1-8th Anniversary, kit1-10th circuit layout simple effective with three pcbs. I have never had a sonic experience like this in my own home before. Lot: Intergrated mini stereo amplifier as described above.

Enter the Kit1-10 th the ultimate version of the Kit1. To celebrate the wonderful history of the Kit1 we are releasing the Kit1-10th Anniversary Limited Edition with triple C-Core output transformers, Takman Resistors, elna Cerafine Caps and Mundorf Silver Oil Film Caps. Our classic kit, the Kit1 The fastest way to go from Zero to Audiophile in one product!

In genral: If listening to more than one pair od speakers at the time each speaker pair should not be lower than 8 Ohms in impedance per speaker. The kit one is dead silent and the music flows out of it like nothing I have ever heard before. Ptfe Silver Plated Hookup Wire Elna Cerafine By pass Caps RubyCon Electrolytics Solid Copper Insert Plate *Note, the underside photos on this page show client requested Jupiter Copper Foil Wax caps. Following the excellent graphics and high resolution schematics provided, it was possible to focus on each aspect of the build successively to assure perfect mechanical preparation, component installation and PC Builds, including useful notes on techniques which will result in the best build quality and. If wanting to have these replaced with new ones throughout the entire unit for long term reliability, please add 150 ot the price below. Videos, now Playing, peter Janis explains the Pro-D2 passive stereo direct box. A Pre-amplifier provides all off the inputs and control elements of a standard (integrated) amplifier (and more! Your were right, it just fit.

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The high quality Mundorf Silver Gold Oil capacitors are now standard in the kit, and it is possible to supply Audio Note copper film caps (ask for a"). I loved my old Kit1 but it doesn't bear comparison with the new one on any aspect. Parts Compliment includes: IE Core Output Transformers, takman 1W Resisters (non magnetic) Mundorf Silver Gold Oil Film Caps* ptfe Silver Plated Hookup Wire Elna Cerafine Cathode By pass Cap RubyCon Electrolytics Solid Copper Insert Plate Audio Note Silver RCA's Audio Note Silver Speaker Posts Audio. I am so impressed with the Kit. I was used to listen music with my Audio Note Kit four and Preamp kit assembled 5-6 years ago, the result was excellent up to the day when I finished the Kit.I am now discovering all my CDs in a different way and. AudioNote silver RCAs and AN speaker posts round out the kit.

As with all my photographs - the actual unit is shown. Work performed To present this unit in reliably working condition and to perform to specs: reworked all controls and switches with quality contact cleaner; re-soldered aged solder points; Full functional test; Phase distortion and power output test, frequency response test - OK; Other work performed. The amplifier power is beyond adequate for the speakers. My humble Rega p3/Dynavector is a shining beacon of analog bliss. I cannot imagine the sound improving beyond what I hear at this point even though this is still on the low side for burning in a tube amp. Just wanted to let you know that I have my Kit1 amp pretty much the way I want it now.

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