bose 901 hookup

more. The pair of speaker I have for review are the most recent iteration of the 901 design, the Series. I read in the article that you posted AmericanAudio and here is what I found in there: never, ever use devices such as 3 to 2-prong ac plug adapters,.k.a. Note that there are no sharp filters here that would help to hide cone breakup or other driver/baffle integration issues. The Bose EQ is totally quiet when hooked up; The 901 was made when home eq was not sophisticated as now, perhaps your modem receiver home EQ alone will do the job?

Nor would I deem myself an audiophile.
However, I needed to share my bose 901.
I am trying to hook up my Bose 901 speaker equalizer to my pioneer VSX 516 recieve r but I am having difficulity with the connections.

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Component Overview: Driver, blue cones with that famous for failing foam surround. The Dayton B652-AIR is reviewed for great justice! Also, if I do have a grounding loop somewhere, why doesn't the Bose EQ cause any hum in the system? Aric, technician, run A/V and repair business for over 48,403 satisfied customers, i have a Yamaha AV receiver model number RX-V363 and am having. I continued on like this until, finally I ended up cutting everything a little. If you try running these speakers without the rear grills expect shrillness on a scale that should not exist in the natural world. M field trip - rmaf 2015 Day 2 Show Report! My brother gave me an old pair of Bose 901s, without the control module. While it has plenty of flaws, I respect it's performance, blasting off faces and painting walls with sound in a way that no other speaker can. On the bottom we have the front power response, this is an average of 0-60 degrees. Measurements: Due to the strange dispersion pattern outside measuring was a requirement for these speakers.