dishwasher drain hookup to garbage disposal

The dishwasher pumps discarded water and food particles through the hose and into the garbage disposal. Remove the plug from the nozzle with needle-nose pliers. Rotate the air-gap fitting below the sink by hand, as necessary, so the angled nozzle points toward the garbage disposal. Doub has already installed the basket strainer for the disposer. Cut the upper end of the hose to length, if necessary, with a utility knife so it fits onto the air-gap nozzle without a bend. Things You Will Need, air-gap fitting, screwdriver. Unplug the garbage disposal from the electrical outlet in the sink cabinet. The fitting mounts on the back ledge of the sink and has connector nozzles for hoses below. Using a hammer and screwdriver, knock the plug into the disposer.

How to Connect a Dishwasher to a Garbage Disposal Home
Connecting Dishwasher Drain to Garbage Disposal - KitchenAid

Photo Credits, martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images. Attach drain hose to disposer inlet with large drain hose clamp (provided). To lower the sink, he needs to modify the S-trap. With wheels on the back like a shopping cart, the dishwasher can be rolled right into place. Push one end of the provided garbage disposal drain hose onto the nozzle on the unit. Use needle nose pliers to remove plug. Copper lasts 60 to 80 yearslonger than any dishwasher.".

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