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yet been identified, although she is named H in the charter of her son dated 1152. An undated charter, dated to 945/52, records the death and burial of " Budiccomes witnessed by " Alan dux BritanniBenedictus episcopus filius istius BudicEuhuarn vicecomes ". M AME de Léon, daughter of herve III Vicomte de Léon his wife Marguerite. . Her parentage and marriage are suggested by the following document: an enquiry concerning the property of Henri de Tréguier names " Henri son fils, et Conan de Leon son tuteur " 197. . Johanna uxor Alani dapiferi de Dolo et filia ipsius Oliva donated property to the abbey of Vieuville for the soul of Alain, undated 830. .

Comte de Taillebourg 1486. . It is assumed that Sibylla survived for at least two years after her second marriage as her second husband is recorded as having had two children. . M beatrice, daughter. . " Robertus dominus de Medreignac et de Matignon miles et Dyonisia eius uxor " renounced his rights over the priory of Saint-Galéry by charter dated 1245, confirmed by " Alanus Goyon miles " with the consent of " Stephani Goyon filii mei " 576. Henri III his wife had six children: a) henri IV d'Avaugour (-Avignon, bur Dinan). .

Among milites Britanni 189. . " Herveus Comes Leonensis " donated " niguer " to Saint-Mathieu by charter dated 1169, witnessed by " Guihomarum filium suum qui sibi succedebat in regnum, atque. " Rivallonus Britannicus gentecastri possessorCombornium " donated property to Marmoutiers, with the sex ads in Rotorua consent of " meamconjugemAremburgem atque liberos Guillelmum, Johannem, Gilduinum, Gaufredum, Aduisam by undated charter 763. . Jean I de Blois-Châtillon (-). The wording of all three documents suggests that Alain was alive at the time. Hervé visconte de Léon sold the remainder of his patrimony, and property held by Alen nostre freyre, to the duke of Brittany by charter dated 218. Herveum fratrem dicti Guihomari nothum, Gradlon, Budic, Guegon filios eiusdem Hervei " 172. Jeanne Duchesse de Bretagne, Vicomtesse de Limoges, Dame de Guise et de Maenne granted rights to nos. M thirdly (before Jan 1224) richard Marshal, son of william Marshal Earl of Pembroke his wife Isabel Ctss of Pembroke (-Kilkenny Castle, bur Kilkenny, Church of the Franciscans). .

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adult dating in Saint-Georges

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