trailer hookup types

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This important safety item is required in most states including California. Use the chart below to identify which curt adapter is needed for your vehicle-trailer setup, based on the plug and socket types. Notes about GM OEM wiring harness. Back to the top How to Rewire Your Trailer Depending on the type of trailer, installing new wiring typically requires only a few basic tools and a good wiring kit. Vehicles with a three-wire system usually require a converter to be able to tow a trailer. Not only will working taillights, brake lights and turn signals help you avoid a ticket, but more importantly, they will communicate your actions to other drivers on the road and promote safe towing. An electrical converter acts as a bridge between the two, allowing you to properly connect your vehicle the new rules for love sex and dating and trailer through a standard plug and socket. The tables below show the electrical functions of each plug and socket type. Dodge tow vehicles with the Factory Tow Package Brake Connector Dodge vehicles with this package are equipped with a 15 amp fused power line which is insufficient for 3 4 axle (6 or 8 brake) applications. Loop each chain through a suitable attachment eye on the tow vehicle and insert the chain quick coupler through an appropriate chain link. Some custom wiring harnesses use an integrated converter while others do not. Check all lights before you drive away.