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in your browser bar. The technician will record your chosen network name and password in the back of your Welcome Guide so you can add a new device when needed or allow additional users to your network. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to one of the splitter outputs and connect the other end of that same cable to the phone modem. Select your new chosen network name (ssid). Locate the modem ID (MAC address) for your new modem, typically located on the bottom of the modem. If there has been a cable problem in your area, it may be necessary to reboot the WiFi-enabled Internet modem in order to re-establish a proper connection. Community Forums, go to support overview, contact. Please see the device's user guide for additional instructions. If you're not a qualified customer, select the Guest tab to request a Free Trial or purchase an Access Pass.

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This will protect your Home WiFi network and keep unwanted users from accessing. Note: Failure to return your leased Internet modem and power cord may result in continuing monthly modem lease fees on your account. If none of these recommendations correct your problem, contact. Contact us to activate your new modem. Using your computer that's connected to the new modem, open a web browser. Personalization of your network name, password and security settings 24/7 support for your equipment and service.