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: Pregnancy, Safer Sex and STDs, you talk about how anal sex can lead to pregnancy if sperm gets near the vagina or vulva. Best anal lube for raw action. If youre looking for the best anal lube, youve come to the right place. Female nitrile condoms can also prevent HIV and some other STDs. Before you get jiggy with it, you gotta get comfy. Amazon, the only natural lube better than almond oil is coconut oil. One can also get hepatitis A, B, and C; parasites like. How would that happen? In addition to HIV, a person can get other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like chlamydia and gonorrhea from anal sex without condoms.

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Your budget, so in order to find the best anal lube, read the guide below. It is also important that sufficient water- or silicone-based lubricant be used during anal sex to prevent hookup in Kent condom breakage and tearing of tissue. Price:.65 ( Amazon.10 ( Walmart ) Buy it here Sasmar Walmart Sasmar is another great pick because its paraben-free and safe to use with condoms and toys. Being a receptive partner during anal sex is the highest-risk sexual activity for getting HIV. Its also available in a variety of flavors! Get tested and treated for other STDs. So before you get to strokin your silicone strap-on, make sure youre lathering it in something water-based! People who are HIV-negative and at very high risk for HIV can take daily medicine to prevent HIV. This is why many people opt for something silicone-based. This way youll not only find the leading lube according to reviewers but the perfect pick for you period. Since ART is not 100 effective at preventing HIV, consider using other prevention methods to further reduce your risk.