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as a natural consequence of their work, and others were made in the process of adding decoration. 43: "Ego hucusque post observationes innumeras novem potissimum varietates flexurarum inveneram ad quas valleculae tactui inservientes in interna parte extremae digitorum phalangis disponuntur." (So far, after innumerable observations, I have found nine main varieties of bends in which are arranged the grooves serving touch. 72 Some years later, the German anatomist Georg von Meissner (18291905) studied friction ridges, 73 and five years after this, in 1858, Sir William James Herschel initiated fingerprinting in India. Noted cryptographer Bruce Schneier said "The results are enough to scrap the systems completely, and to send the various fingerprint biometric companies packing." 118 Fingerprint recognition in electronic devices Two of the first smartphone manufacturers to integrate fingerprint recognition into their phones were Motorola with. 34 133 However, Times of India reported the data by National Crime Records Bureau unveiling that 93 women are being raped in India every day 134 Rape is the fourth-most common crime against women in India. Retrieved "Feminism, war and silence fuel domestic abuse in Finland".

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86 The Danish criminal provisions regarding sexual crimes had remained nearly unchanged for 30 years, which lead Amnesty International to declare that "legislation on rape and sexual violence conflicted with human rights principles concerning the need to protect an individual's sexual and physical integrity and. 72.4 experienced no legal consequences. 215 In 2013 a study of 1991 grade nine boys at 46 secondary schools in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth found that.2 had raped. En annan målsättning är att allmänhetens förtroende för Polisen ska stärkas, så att fler brott anmäls. Stephen Musil (22 September 2013). 119 Samsung also recently introduced fingerprint sensors to its mid-range A-series smartphones. "At least 169 women raped at Egypt protests". Haile, Rahel Tesfaye; Kebeta, Negussie Deyessa; Kassie, Getnet Mitike (2013).

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