camper cable tv hookup

the result of our service visit. Otherwise you will need to purchase a QAM converter box. Start with a test dump using your grey water (required to assure that no sewage will be spilled on the ground). Your switch must be in the cable TV position. This contamination can only be corrected by disinfecting your RV water system. I certainly hope that this answers your question. We suggest that our guests use professionally manufactured coaxial cables to connect to our hookup. Please consult this guide prior to reporting maintenance trouble on your campsite. If no blockage is found, report trouble to office staff. A poorly constructed cord is the usual cause of poor cable TV reception. Whats Happening: Full Tanks / Ready to Evacuate.

If your TV is not HD, you will only receive channels 2-3, 24-47. Please realize that all maintenance repairs are made from 8am to 4pm daily by qualified repair persons. . Unfortunately, most RV Parks and Campgrounds do not have great signal strength at their cable connections. At one RV Campground we went to recently I spent 10 minutes trying to find the cable connection and finally out of frustration went to the office to get a hint from them on where to look.

You may find that the electrical trouble is associated with your RV equipment. How To Fix It: Check the following points prior to requesting service. Let out enough water to assure that hose is draining. Sewer hose must be free of kinks and supported above ground from RV outlet to sewer inlet. We gay guys looking for sex in bloomington indiana will not provide equipment evaluation of your RV systems. All campsites are serviced by privately maintained well water systems. All guests are required to connect to our 4 sewer hookups (for grey and black water) with a sealed connection. If you have a digital TV that means that if the signal is too degraded you may not get some channels. These are present to protect our water supply and do not affect or regulate water pressure. If you find that proper drainage does not result after your test dump, leave your valves closed and remove your flexible drainage hose. One of the people at the office came back to the campsite with me and it took him 15 minutes to find the cable connection which was just a piece of cable buried in the grass.