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and then Mazda, had decided to bet his career on the barely-standing Tesla and became their chief designer. Greed can lead to steady forward progress, but in order for progress to leap forward, a second ingredient is usually key: a burning desire to do something great. That makes France a pretty light CO2 emitter. As coal, oil, and natural gas motivated unprecedented innovation, the resulting waves of new technologies created an unprecedented need to burn stuffwhich motivated the diggers. _ Now its a century later. If electric motors were the more advanced technologyif they were considered ideal because they were quiet, clean, and took advantage of cutting edge technologywhy did the world give up on them? Musk and von Holzhausens 22 team had spent all this time perfecting the design of the car before it was time to put the door handles on, and they got really used to it that way. Musk was blown away. Instead, the government offers tax breaks to people for buying an electric vehicle and subsidies for the renewable energy industry, which is like a town full of businesses who throw their trash in the street, and the government reacting by paying businesses to stop doing. This is Part 2 of a four-part series on Elon Musks companies.

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The long tailpipe theory is everywhere. 25 Driving a gas car is like littering on a camping trail, smoking on an airplane, and throwing a big stack of paper in the trash, and its just a matter of time until public disgust catches up. But EVs are new and scary to customers, and theres a hump to get over in educating the world about why they should buy one. Fact 2) Where Atmospheric CO2 Levels Go, Temperatures Follow The ice cores dug up by scientists dont just reveal the CO2 levels going backwards in timethey reveal temperature too. He explained, The impact that Tesla will have is fairly small in and of itself. Thats how food is inventedplants know how to take the suns joules and turn them into food. You could just as easily puzzle over the question, Americas first electricity power station, Edisons Pearl Street Station in Manhattan, first lit up in 1882, powered by burning coalhow is it possible that in 2015, burning coal is still by far the primary way humanity. As of January 2015, there were a total of 740,000 EVs on the road worldwide. Crude oil) dominates the transportation sector. If your partner wants to wait, just let him or looking for sex in Sherbrooke her know how much youre looking forward to it to build the anticipation, he suggests. For our sum-up for this section, how about: At some point in the future, either really soon or just a little soon, well have no choice but to stop running everything on fossil fuels, because theyll either be gone or too expensive. So if someone in the year 1900 had to bet on the outcome of the battle between external steam combustion, internal gasoline combustion, and electricity as the future standard for powering cars, theyd have probably put their money on electricity.