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work, because of our religion, that would be wrong of d it would hurt him! She doesnt respect our boundaries, and I dont trust her. Can you help with any other suggestions? I just started dating this girl I really like, cause of the way she is and physically and stuff.

We have never had a great mother-daughter relationship because I dont respect her views at all. I still believe you have to have Jesus in your heart was kind of a big deal if someone wasn't saved in my family growing up and it should d it also has determined a lot of my friendships with people. Is teaching my lil guy about ALL the religions an effective way to actively combat this brainwashing? He told me his past hasn't been easy either, and that his also ex-fiancee abused him and cheated him as well.

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Its just not that simple. TL;DR: my mother is a religious nutcase (homophobic, racist, anti-science, anti-vax, etc) and Ive just found out shes been teaching.5 year old son about Jesus with the aid of picture books and stories. Need advice on how to proceed., my mother became born-again when I was about 10 or 11, so I was aware of it, but was mature enough to understand it was all a bit silly. I told him I felt the cause. And that it could be a problem but that we will dating mistress sex maryland find a way around.