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"BBC TWO Louis Theroux: Savile". Retrieved 1 "Jimmy Savile: Sussex police confirm 2008 assault claim". 91 Julie Fernandez, who later appeared in BBC television programmes Eldorado and The Office, was invited to a BBC studio to appear on Jim'll Fix. Retrieved 5 February 2015. 45 BBC comments and investigations edit Newspaper reports claimed Douglas Muggeridge, controller of BBC Radio 1 in the early 1970s, was aware of allegations against Savile, and asked for a report in 1973. One was an 8-year-old child. 161 162 It was announced that Savile's inscription in the wall of Leeds Civic Hall would be removed in October 2012. Paul Connew, who was the newspaper's editor when the women came forward in 1994, described the allegations as "credible and convincing but said that lawyers had advised against publication. BBC and within the, national dating and same sex friendships Health Service.

A b Cohen, Nick. During his lifetime, two police investigations had looked into reports about Savile, the earliest known being in 1958, but none had led to charges; the reports had each concluded that there was insufficient evidence for any charges to be brought related to sexual offences. "Met investigate Sir Jimmy Savile as dozens more abuse allegations are made". Retrieved 10 December 2012. "The Oldie scoop that exposed Jimmy Savile". "BBC releases Pollard report into the Savile inquiry".

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"Jimmy Savile: A report that reveals 54 years of abuse by the man who groomed the nation". Retrieved "Former head of Duncroft admits she was 'hoodwinked' by Jimmy Savile". Retrieved "Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli sex abuse: Police admit chances were missed". By llegations had been made to thirteen British police forces, 1 which led to the setting-up of inquiries into practices at the. She said the organisation was "hurt but added: "There is no way this organisation can die.

158 Dame Goddard later said that she was prevented from selecting her own staff and the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association withdrew from the Inquiry over concerns about its true independence. Retrieved "Jimmy Savile scandal : Police did not question Duncroft staff". Retrieved "Louis Theroux: Savile, BBC Two". At the time of his death and the funeral in Leeds Cathedral, he was widely praised for his charity and voluntary activities as well as his entertainment work. 78 79 By 5 December 2012, the review's team had been contacted by "over 290" individuals, including many former or current BBC employees. Retrieved "Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf to lead child abuse inquiry". Retrieved Creepy' Jimmy Savile was banned from Children in Need".