how to install a gas dryer hookup

can handle a 120 volt dryer. This is not necessary unless you are installing a new power outlet, or moving one. Click here to share your story. Tips Keep the vent hose as short as possible. You may need an adapter ge dishwasher water hookup to attach the 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) end of the pipe connector to the 3/8 inch (1 cm) pipe end on the dryer. 3, plug in the dryer. 7, make sure your connector is long enough to connect your dryer to the pipe in your wall. I have regular teflon tape and I can buy the special gas tape if necessary.

Dryers now have either electronic spark or a hot surface igniter to light the burner. I know how to check for leaks with soapy water and I have a good sense of smell just in case. Question Who do I call to install a gas dryer? Have a professional check this out for you, as this could go bad fast.

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4, the location of the main shut off valve varies from home to home. All clothes dryers need an electrical outlet for the motor; gas dryers use a conventional 120-volt receptacle, but electric dryers need a 240-volt receptacle to also supply power for the heating elements. Question Is it okay for the gas line to be hooked up to the dryer but for the dryer to be unplugged? Once the dryer gas lines are hooked up, check for leaks. Question Are two vents necessary to run a gas dryer? A gas dryer involves connecting both a gas supply line and a vent to the appliance.

How to Install a Gas Dryer (with Pictures) - wikiHow

how to install a gas dryer hookup

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