ge dishwasher water hookup

dishwasher, lift slightly and roll the dishwasher into the opening. If your countertop is a synthetic material or stone, and the old holes dont line up, follow the directions listed in the manual on how to install a dishwasher. If necessary, turn the elbow on the dishwasher slightly with a wrench to align it, or gently bend copper lines about 8 to. The secret is to align it so it slides straight into the threaded part of the elbow (Photo 11). Install the hot water inlet line, using no less than 3/8" copper tubing or a flexible braided hose.

Install a hand shut-off valve in an accessible location, such as under the sink. Photo 12: Finish the drain and electrical connections. Photo 8: Slide the new dishwasher.

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If its cocked to one side, the compression nut wont thread on right and itll leak. Make minor adjustments after the dishwasher installation. Lower the dishwasher and slip cardboard under the feet. The water and electrical connections are underneath the dishwasher, behind a lower front panel that you have to unscrew (Photo 1). When you remove the electrical line from the box, leave the cable clamp on and reuse it on the new dishwasher(Photo local odia sex 12). Remove the 90-degree fitting for use on the new dishwasher. The dishwasher will tip over when the door is opened if base is removed. Flush water line to clean out debris. Once its uncrated, youll find the manuals and dishwasher installation instructions on how to install a dishwasher inside the dishwasher. As you slide the old dishwasher out, youll have to simultaneously work the drain hose back through the hole in the sink cabinet. Step 4: How to hook up a dishwasher and reconnect.